About US

About Us

We create incentivized Internet bundles for venues,vehicles & retailers with users' option to save,share or used for payment across networks


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Digital-To-Physical coalition Sponsored Internet

Afrikan Hub is unbundling online marketplaces for merchants and re-bundling same at merchant's physical stores as Internet gift bundles for their customers  to drive foot traffic which can't be obtained online and more so as online marketplace owners themselves are flipping the script and opening brick-and-mortar stores having recognized that more sales happen offline than online.

In a similar fashion we are also unbundling adverts, venues,events,taxis etc. into our patent-pending sponsored Internet Interactive seat covers to offer versatile options for sponsors at sporting events, movie theatres, concert venues,BRT buses,airplane seats and more  The seat covers can add a pop of color to a stadium and at the same time  credits the one who sits on it with non-expiring sponsored Internet megabytes.


The end user who is also the recipient of the sponsored Internet allowance credited as Internet megabytes coin can further unbundle the gift and get it to work as mobile data,mobile Internet,WiFi ,airtime or for payments of goods and service online and offline.

We can unbundled merchants from Amazon to Alibaba to practically any ecommerce website globally including seats of any stadium and venues.