About Us

Afrikan Hub is  the name behind Mobile Data Coin-A coin which is the latest Internet plan,the latest payment method, the latest reward system and the latest investment platform.

  • As the latest Internet plan, mobile data coin allow users to switch from mobile Internet to WiFi and airtime using the same non expiring megabytes in a split second.
  • As the latest payment method it allow users to pay for goods and services online and in physical stores using same non expiring megabytes serving also as  “small change” in our coin starved economy.
  • As the latest reward system  it is set up to called time on old percentage discounts giving by stores to customers as same can’t be trusted and measured to a reward customers consider as essential and measurable which gives them more options.
  • As the latest investment platform gives opportunity to partners who are the MDC event sponsors (Minimum 10K Naira sponsorship).Partners to earn 1% to 100% on a daily or monthly basis with the possibility to withdraw instantly from users’ megabytes transfer fees pool (service charges) that is deducted from the end user megabytes transfers received.


We also know African shoppers are tired of being offered sweets, matchboxes, chewing gum and even condoms in lieu of change,so storekeepers who give Mobile  Data coins rather than force shoppers either to buy an extra item to make the total round up or accept a credit note have a competitive advantage.

To protect Africans digitally Afrikan Hub will also introduce fingerprint ATM card –A card with dynamic PINs,CVVs,Card numbers, Internet Banking and passwords for every transaction powered with user’s fingerprint on card.

There’s also an online marketplace for deal offerings by business owners and a social network for interactions between members within the Afrikan Hub community.