About US

About Us

The internet is a pervasive, fundamental part of daily life that continues to deliver massive economic and social benefits around the world Yet About  80% Of Africans Are Still Not Online With About 95% Of Those Online Not Having As Much Megabytes  As They Hunger For  Them.Together We Must Fight This Digital Poverty Now #CoalitionSponsoredData


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Internet For All By All

Afrikan Hub is  driving the "Internet for all by all" initiative towards reducing digital poverty in Africa which has so affected the continent to the extent that only 20% Africans are online with 80% missing out on the benefits of Internet.

To  increase the number of Internet users and simultaneously compensate Internet sponsors,Afrikan Hub is making mobile Internet  to work as a sort of WiFi hotspot and WiFi to work as mobile Internet while also having both maintain their originality in what we call coalition  sponsored data.

Brands,individuals,businesses,government etc.will now be able to give a win-win free Internet megabytes to their visitors,customers,users,citizens etc. through customized sponsored Data packs which can be Geo-tailored to work nationally,by states,cities,public places or tied to products,objects,taxis and individual stores and business premises but with far more flexibility as the packs can be used anywhere if the user saves into the Internet savings account of the individual within the location.

Users can withdraw either as mobile Internet or as Wi-Fi with option to use same as airtime of any mobile network which can be shared with the under-connected friends and families across all networks. Locations of Sponsored data will pop up just like when searching for Wi-Fi on their mobile.There is also a social network and online marketplace within the Afrikan Hub website.

The earned  megabytes which is known as Internet coins and working almost like cryptocurrency can be used as cash to make purchases online and offline while the compound Interest feature allows interest to be paid out on the Internet savings account holders’ megabytes (Internet coin ) balances. Interest is compounded daily with options to pay out weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.