Mobile Data Coin FAQ

What is Mobile Data Coin?

Afrikan Hub is  the name behind Mobile Data Coin-A coin which is the latest Internet plan,the latest payment method, the latest reward system and the latest investment platform.

  • As the latest Internet plan, mobile data coin allow users to switch from mobile Internet to WiFi and airtime using the same non expiring megabytes in a split second.
  • As the latest payment method it allow users to pay for goods and services online and in physical stores using same non expiring megabytes serving also as  “small change” in our coin starved economy.
  • As the latest reward system  it is set up to called time on old percentage discounts giving by stores to customers as same can’t be trusted and measured to a reward customers consider as essential and measurable which gives them more options.
  • As the latest investment platform gives opportunity to partners who are the MDC event sponsors (Minimum 10K Naira sponsorship).Partners to earn 1% to 100% on a daily or monthly basis with the possibility to withdraw instantly from users’ megabytes transfer fees pool (service charges) that is deducted from the end user megabytes transfers received.

As a store or business owner you could offer customers X number of coins to customers when the pay for goods and services worth a certain amount of money.It could be directly attached to a product or service .For example this Shirt is sold with free X numbers of Mobile Data Coins or reward customers with X number of coins each time customers visit your store or board your taxi etc. to increase loyalty.Mobile Data Coins can also be used where there are no small change to give to customers in a coin-starved economy like ours.

Mobile Data Coins are valued at 2 Naira per coin with each coin equaling combined  1 MB of Airtel, MTN, Etisalat and Glo mobile Data as well as Smile and Spectranet WiFi, making conversion rates easy enough to calculate.

Do Business Owners Need To Purchase Mobile Data Coins To Be Able To Share With Their Customers?

NO! it’s not mandatory that they pay upfront to receive mobile data coins except the business owner decides to go with the option of prepaying.

How Can A Business Owner Freely Subscribe To Receive Mobile Data Coins?

A business owner simply needs to visit  to sign up as a vendor and upload a minimum of five products to be eligible to receive the mobile data coins.

Are Mobile Data Coins Physically Given Coins Or Virtual?

Mobile Data Coins are not physical coins but virtual?

How Are Mobile Coins Transferred From Merchants To Their Customers?

Both the customers and business owners (Vendors) have their unique Afrikan Hub usernames and identification numbers and so transfers are between usernames or between identification numbers either via the transfer button in each user’s profile or via SMS. Both transfer methods come with instant notification to both parties.There’s also a coin history feature for each user which shows who transferred the coin including times,withdrawals and dates as is with bank statements.Each transaction is given a unique transaction ID for easy reference

When I made A Transfer It Showed “Pending Transfer” On My Page And Customer’s page.Why?

It’s showing ”Pending Transfer” because you didn’t pay to receive the mobile data coins for your customers.The Pending feature is set to put transfers on-hold for X number of days allowing  you time to reconcile your accounts with Afrikan Hub and also focus on your sales.Once  the reconciliation is done,the status on customer’s account changes from pending to credited.If you want to have your customers instantly credited,you may chose the prepaid option.

What  Is A Transfer Fee?

Just as you are charged service  fees when you borrow Data or Airtime from mobile operators,transfer fees apply only to the recipient not the sender or giver.This is not however placed on small mobile Data Coins transfers.

How Do I Use My Freely Given Mobile Data Coin To Get  Mobile Data,WiFi,Airtime And Others?

Every Afrikan Hub user has access to Mobile Data Coins redemption page where the user can use own coins to take freely from the options available provided there are corresponding coins in their account.User gets  unlimited mobile data,Airtime WiFi and airtime to friends and family across all networks and Smile WiFi Network instantly.

Can Mobile Data Coins Be Used For Purchase Of Goods Online And In Physical Stores?

Yes! When paying for goods and services online at Afrikan Hub marketplace you can chose the option to have the cost deducted from your mobile data coins at check out or simply transfer the equivalent mobile data coins at a physical business location for item(s) or service(s) purchased while we credit the vendor with equivalent real currencies to their bank accounts.

Giving Customers Change Is Always A Challenge And Really Affects My Business.How Can Mobile Data Points Ease The Pressure?

This is one of the reasons mobile data coins was created to ease the pressure of change .Simply transfer the equivalent of customers change in mobile Data coin.

Can I use Mobile Data Coins Instead Of Giving Discounts To My Customers?

Yes! Your customers prefer to receive mobile data coins which gives them more value and options than discounts which they can’t measure or believe it’s real which in most cases may force you to sell inferior goods or engage in discount wars with your competitors.You can simply add the cost of the coins to the items or share a part of your profit margin say 5% or 20% as mobile data coins to your customers to meet their data needs or drive sales.

How Do I Locate Stores Giving Mobile Data Coins?

Stores can be located by tapping the location button  on this site.Stores will also display such information at their physical  business locations

Is Mobile Data Coin The Only available Digital Coin In Afrikan Hub?

NO! There are other types of coins including Afrikan Hub Coins which users earn for writing on their walls,inviting friends,following friends,uploading and sharing  audio,photos and videos etc.Coins also come from Liking a comment or commenting.Product reviews,favourites,views and others attract this point type which may be exchanged for mobile data coins and can qualify one as agents in Afrikan Hub if the required coins is earned over the stipulated period of time.

What Investment Opportunities are available with Mobile Data Coin?

If you want to make investment, you are welcome to join our pool of partners.Our offer is valid on a permanent basis as well as your profits which will always accrued after you join the partnership  from 1% to 100% on a daily or monthly basis with the possibility to withdraw instantly. Many of you have been waiting for such a proposal and we are confident that you will not be disappointed with our service.This share comes from mobile data coin transfer fees which happens from every megabytes transfers between users on a daily basis as service charge.