The Internet Of Fabrics

The Internet of fabrics is the movement of sponsored terabytes of data between car headrest's fabric and passengers and between venue seat covers and guests mixed with digital contents.

Afrikan Hub's patent-pending sponsored interactive seat cover pack offers preferred seating to passengers,arena spectators and innovative, interactive marketing opportunities to advertisers and sponsored Internet allowance  to passengers,guests and fans.It's a high -tech opportunity through low-tech products: seat and head covers.

Easy-on, easy-off  slipcovers offer versatile options for sponsors at sporting events, movie theatres, concert venues,BRT buses,taxis,airplane seats and more. The seat covers can add a pop of color to the venue and commercial vehicles  and at the same time  credits the one who sits on it with non-expiring sponsored Internet megabytes which can be used for mobile data, WIFi ,airtime and  for payments of goods and services online and in real world provided the guest or passenger has a smartphone to scan the QR-Code or touch the NFC tag which gives the Internet allowance's reward via  sponsor's social network account,e-programme, websites,video,downloads etc. for engagements and interactions and same deposited in user's account automatically.

It's an everyone-wins innovation for commercial drivers,passengers,venue owners,advertisers,event owners & attendees designed to fit user's consumption habits in the mobile era.

CUSTOMIZED fabric covers

An Internet sponsor has the option of putting own brand's logo directly in front of the seat or headrest cover solely or jointly for assured eyeballs of guests and passengers offering unparalleled branding and signage exposure before,during and after events and trips.

unified megabytes

We understand that Internet users have options between mobile data and WiFi as well as airtime and we have unified both networks in one as well as making it possible for the Internet allowance to be used for payments of goods and services.

History & reports

Just as it is with bank statements a customer has a history of whose content he or she accessed and how much megabytes the fan received including time and date stamps as well as transaction ID while the sponsor also receives all user's interaction to measure the benefits and engagements.


Today's advertiser needs more than just eyeballs but engagements that's why we are creating Internet packs with sponsor's name and through sponsor's own contents,websites and others and embed into seat and headrest covers such that as fans and passengers interact with sponsored brand,fans get what they love and desire most -the Internet.


RIght from a fan's seat or wherever the fan goes,the fan or guest can share the earned megabytes to friends and family across all networks quite easily.The earned megabytes are kept in user's wallet and doesn't expire.


The customized sponsored Internet recipient may use the map to locate the sponsor's physical store after the sporting event for further discounts if any .User may only need to to show his history at the store to benefit as same can be confirmed by the sponsor from sponsor's report as well.

Choose the preferred seat



  • Customized seat
  • Customized pack
  • Datarectory
  • Min.100 seats



  • Joint customization
  • Customized pack
  • Group Datarectory
  • Min.40 Seats



  • No Customization
  • Customized Pack
  • Datarectory
  • Min.100 Seats

Frequently asked questions

How will contents and other pages be converted to Internet bundle?

Sponsor needs to send brand's website,Apps,videos be customized as sponsored Internet pack(s) and we will configure same in less than no time.Example:  sponsor's Facebook page could be 100MB,twitter 20MB,website 1GB,downloads 200MB etc. etc.Just any page or App can be made and customized into Internet pack and programmed to the seat covers for users.

How long will my seat be active?

Your seat will be active as long as the megabytes in it have not been exhausted.It will be carried over to the next match day or event at the venue.

How much is 1 MB & how many times can an Internet pack been accessed?

1 MB equals 2 Naira .Every access to the customized packs are unique and can't be accessed twice by the same user.

How long does it take to customized the packs.

Usually it takes 5 minutes to set up a customized pack but of course that depends on the volume of customization we are handling at the time

How Can One Invest In Seat Covers?

Please go through this slide share presentation for more info

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